Breathwork Sessions

The breath is the anchor to the body. There is a piece of you waiting to be activated. You are your own expert. Breathwork offers many opportunities to bring many issues or areas back into alignment after commitment to sessions with breathwork facilitation.

In breathwork we encourage you to give yourself time for yourself. Once you learn how to breathe you can set up a practice of breathing 30 minutes every day to sit in contemplation with the breath, which is all it takes to connect with the body. This may require some patience when you are new to introspective breathwork™. It helps to be in a relaxed and meditative state.

There will always be thoughts that will find their way to your mind and all we have to do is acknowledge thoughts and let them be on their way. You will always find the method which is right for you in this present moment observing the breath. As you inhale and exhale you will build up a practice and as such an introspective breathwork™ technique.

You will soon see the reason for doing these techniques and the power these bring to life, healing the body, mind and spirit. This technique that was valued by the ancestors has re-emerged as it is needed now more than ever. Just by learning that you can assign meaning to a time with a breathing practice will revolutionize and transform your very life. This is all that is needed to be present with the breath and the body.

Teachers always show up when we need them to show up. They help us amplify our practices and strengthen with their guidance our efforts in learning. Polarity helps us become brave and develop courage. Our teachers help us overcome change, physiological and psychological.

The body is the best teacher. It is fully equipped to handle all the ailments, we harbor in the guise of pain, emotion and trauma. When the body starts to breathe in sync and connect exclusively, this time allows the breath to travel and connect to anything stagnant, encourage and push energy that has been misaligned or unavailable to move through the body.

It is paramount to encounter safety, only then release is experienced in the session. With the breathe, eyes are closed and connection is made through soft conscious connective breaths instructions and music. This can put you in touch with dormant  information, and the oxygen is the light that helps you temporarily face that time and leave it with safety and trust putting faith into the body.

Oxygen is an activator and the body has absolute innate wisdom to take the oxygen and use it how it best serves the body in that precise present moment.

It is the setting for a new horizon, awakening the innate intelligence system that every person on this planet that has been and is and will ever come has sovereign and unique access to. It is my mission to teach this planet the gift of the medicine of the breath.

Benefits of Breathwork

  • Improvement in respiratory efficiency
  • Increase in heart rate variability
  • Reduction in oxidative stress regulation of blood pressure
  • Helps with pain regulation
  • Can help reduce asthma
  • Can help reduce stressors

Healing Sessions

aWe have energy centers all the way up and down the body. 

We are constantly using these centres throughout our waking life. 

There is the energy to make human life, food consumption digestion and release of waste matter. 

The body uses the first three centres the most, and these centres that govern the body can become misaligned. 

In a healing session, patterns that block these energy centres can become reassigned through wave, frequency energy and vibration. After all we are from the field of light manifest into flesh and bones. 

Clearing energetics blocks are paramount to health and well being. 

States of being that are challenged often loose alignment, balanced energy with intention from another can help restore these in the field. 

I can help with a remote coherence healing session to realign and discover more about the reasons why they may be blocked. 

“There are two ways you can live, you can live as if nothing is a miracle, you can live as if everything is a miracle."

Albert Einstein